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Organic Suncare products?

Approximately 25,000 tonnes of solar products are released each year in to the oceans and settle on the coral reefs. They destroy the micro-algae responsible for the survival of the coral, causing it to be lost (source Environmental Health Perpectives). They also cause coral bleaching because they prevent the sun’s rays from reaching it. When we know that corals are one of the pillars of our planet’s ecosystems, this can be seen as an environmental disaster. Some countries have not remained indifferent faced with this tragedy. Many of them prohibit the use of chemical-filter sun products on their beaches (e.g. Hawaii, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Australia, and others).


Biosolis supports
We have decided to join 1% for the Planet and are committing to give 1% of our gross sales to the associations Reef Check and Surfrider.

The 1% for the Planet movement is recognized and respected worldwide.They are here to certify that giving, and ensure donations make the most impact possible.
Why support Reef Check and Surfrider?
Reef Check’s mission is to empower people to save the reefs and oceans through education, research and conservation

  • Surfrider Foundation protects the world's ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.