Tom and Sofia de Dorlodot, OUR ambassadors

Constantly in contact with nature and feeling directly concerned by environmental issues, the collaboration with Sofia Pineiro and Tom de Dorlodot seemed obvious to us.

Tom is a professional paragliding pilot and the founder of SEARCH Projects. He has participated 6 times in the biggest paragliding competition in the world (Red Bull X-Alps). A seasoned adventurer, he is known for his long «vol bivouac» camping flights and high altitude records. A born globe-trotter,

Sofia is a passionate entrepreneur and lover of the great outdoors. She has been involved in the logistics management of Search Projects since the beginning. Passionate about scuba diving, Sofia is constantly training to explore the seabed. In July 2017, the couple embarked on a world tour aboard a 12-metre sailboat, the SEARCH PROJECT. Their goal? To promote awareness with their audience to the issue of nature conservation. They communicate through their films, their Explore television programmes and their images illustrating the beauty of the planet. By the end of 2019, Sofia and Tom are planning to cross the Atlantic with their son, Jack, who will be just 11 months old.