Protect yourself from the sun in a natural way 

Conventional sunscreens use chemical filters derived from oils to protect humans from the sun’s rays. These petrochemical ingredients can be carcinogenic, allergenic and endocrine disruptors. Absorbed by the skin, these filters transform UV rays giving rise to potentially allergenic and phototoxic substances. 


Mineral filters without nanoparticles remain on the surface of the skin and reflect UV rays like mirrors rather than transforming them.

The protection then becomes naturally hypo-allergenic and its action is instantaneous.

The French Society of Dermatology and the French Society of Photodermatology promote the use of pure mineral sunscreens based on titanium dioxide for children. 

Our Solution? 

The range of sunscreens developed by Biosolis exclusively contain organic ingredients of natural origin, guaranteed without endocrine disruptors.

The sunfilters used in Biosolis’ formulas do not penetrate the skin and act like mirrors to reflect the sun’s rays all the while protecting the skin.  The protection is therefore immediate.  Biosolis selects soft and neutral natural fragrances.  Its formulas are based on Aloe Vera and Karanja Oil, which provide hydrating and hypoallergenic protection.  Biosolis sunscreens resist water and perspiration.